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“What’s in Store at The Strand, Turks and Caicos”

We explore the eco-credentials behind the Caribbean’s newest luxury private residences.

The Strand Turks and Caicos - Luxury Residences

The Caribbean island of Providenciales — known locally as ‘Provo’ — is one of 40 islands and cays that make up the spectacular archipelago of Turks and Caicos. It is here, on the secluded and undeveloped shores of Cooper Jack Bay, where a set of exclusive residences are being mindfully constructed: The Strand, Turks and Caicos.

Scheduled to open its doors in 2023, The Strand, Turks and Caicos, will be situated on the protected south side of the island and will offer relaxed yet luxurious coastal hideaways in the form of beachfront villas, custom residences and a handful of undeveloped homesites.

The 40 private residences — which are being built by luxury developer Fair Capital LLC and the real estate investment firm Brue Baukol Capital Partners — will occupy 2,230 ft of pristine shore frontage, perched upon the gentle slope of Cooper Jack Bay’s hillside, making the most of the beautiful natural surroundings and blissful ocean views.

“We are creating a sense of place here at The Strand that will be an entirely new experience in Turks and Caicos – authentic to the destination while delivering that delicate balance between privacy and connectivity with the understanding that people seek both,” says John Fair, managing director of The Strand, Turks and Caicos and founder of Fair Capital LLC.

Fair believes the detailed level of service and private amenities will enable The Strand , Turks and Caicos to become one of the most exclusive residential offerings in the Caribbean. An ambitious statement but with a track record of luxury developments which, amongst others, includes Turks and Caicos’ legendary Grace Bay Club and the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, he is certainly someone who speaks from experience.

The Strand Turks and Caicos - The Villas
Rendering of the living space within one of The Strand’s two-bedroom villas / ©Prompt Collective
The Strand Turks and Caicos
Rendering of a terrace belonging to one of the Grand Residence’s / ©Prompt Collective

Owners will enjoy a collection of shared amenities for sport and socializing with an onsite tennis club as well as a beach club that surrounds a luxurious resort-style swimming pool. An exclusive bar and restaurant serving up sustainably caught fish by local fishermen will be set on the waters-edge and will offer the perfect spot to unwind after a days’ kayaking or diving (the  Providenciales is said to be home to some of the Caribbean’s best dive spots thanks to its beautiful array of reefs and rich marine life.) 

The Strand, Turks and Caicos’ own ‘Club Boat’ with a dedicated captain will be available to take residents on private voyages, while on dry land, residents can enjoy the state-of-the-art fitness center or start the day off with a sunrise yoga session on the secluded yoga deck or an at-home spa treatment. 

Indeed, all of this is likely to greatly appeal to would-be-residents looking for their own piece of Caribbean luxury living, but there is something else that sets the Strand, Turks and Caicos, apart from other developments: its thoughtful construction. 

With the Providenciales home to three national parks and three nature reserves, a considerate method of construction was the only choice for the development, explains Fair: “We are stewards of this magnificent landscape for the next 100 years and we take that responsibility very seriously. For us, sustainable development is simply the right thing to do. It’s also the wise thing to do if we want this environment to continue to thrive and serve as a sanctuary for those who visit for years to come.”

Designed to fit within its natural setting, the The Strand, Turks and Caicos aims to tread delicately on the islands’ landscape. Much of the site’s natural vegetation has been preserved, ensuring the development is dotted with joewood primroses, and silver and green buttonwood mangroves, whilst also keeping the island’s natural caves and caverns intact.

The homes  — which are being designed in collaboration between RAD Architecture, Inc. and Modus Operandi interior design — aim to celebrate the island’s laidback, relaxed lifestyle. Clean, modern architecture will incorporate natural elements such as native plants, water and bright, open-air spaces, allowing the outdoors to become part of the interior.

The Strand Turks and Caicos - Luxury Residences
Rendering of the living space within one of the Luxury Residences /©Prompt Collective
The Strand Turks and Caicos - Luxury Residences
Rendering of the courtyard within a Luxury Residence / ©Prompt Collective

Potential owners will have the choice of elegant two-bedroom villas with their own plunge pools; spacious four- and five-bedroom Luxury Residences with infinity pools; exceptional six-bedroom, seven-bathroom Grand Residences with both infinity and plunge pools; and finally, six custom homesites which will allow owners to create their very own personalized retreat in paradise. 

Each of the 40 villas and residences and six custom homesites will be equipped with solar panels and Tesla power walls as standard, which according to Fair will make this development the first ultra-luxury community in the Caribbean with this level of sustainability. Cutting-edge in-home technology in the form of smart lighting, temperature and appliance control will also act to cut down power wastage. 

The luxury development as a whole will work to limit water consumption through the creation of tankless “on-demand” instant hot water as well as rainwater catchment cisterns mixed with gray water systems to supply the all-important irrigation system. 

“It’s all about infrastructure and culture,” explains Fair. “We are putting the sustainable infrastructure in place upfront, and we’re cultivating a culture of stewardship, responsibility and respect for our natural environment and this beautiful country. We’re passionate about protecting the environment here, and we make that clear to prospective buyers so they can decide if it’s the right place for them.”

Wildlife is also an important consideration and the development has recently partnered with the team at US conservation charity, the Denver Butterfly Pavilion to draw up plans for the gardens, which will act as a pollinator sanctuary for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The grounds of the development will also house an onsite vegetable garden and fruit trees which will supply the resort’s restaurant with fresh produce. 

“The Strand is about creating a legacy for our homeowners. We are not about a brand, or making a few bucks and moving on. We care deeply about these islands, and we’re proud of the community we’re creating,” concludes Fair. 

Written by Emma Al-Mousawi

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