Enjoy a Great Life Now and a Better Future Tomorrow with a Sustainable Luxury Home in Turks and Caicos

With pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, it’s no wonder why young families and empty nesters in search of a home base in the Caribbean choose Turks and Caicos.

The islands boast serene ocean waters and unspoiled landscapes that are home to a fascinating biodiversity of plants, animals and marine life. These natural wonders come together to create an exquisite retreat where people from all over the world come to rest, play, and enjoy the magic of the Caribbean.

At The Strand, we are committed to doing our part to respect the island and help it flourish. As residents in this incredible destination, we passionately believe in protecting and preserving the existing beauty so that it is still around for future generations.

Our luxury paradise includes all the opulent amenities and modern conveniences you’d expect, but we don’t stop there. The seaside community at The Strand melds harmoniously with its natural surroundings to create an elegant and environmentally friendly sanctuary. With eco-conscious innovations, we weave sustainability into every aspect of what we do, offering far-reaching social, economic and environmental advantages like…

Natural Materials Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Our organic design style is intentional, making the homes in our community look and feel as if they are an extension of the surroundings. We use natural, locally sourced materials, thoughtfully incorporating the elements into each home.

Natural limestone, eco-friendly plaster and sustainably harvested wood, combined with ancient architectural influences, invoke the Old World essence of coastal regions like Greece, Spain, and Southern Italy. And the light colors and low heat conductivity of these materials help to keep the home cool, reducing the amount of energy used by each family in our community.

Beyond the materials used, each home is strategically oriented to perfectly capture the cool island breezes, so you’ll be comfortable during the heat of the summer. Between the flow-through ventilation and the chic hand-crafted pergolas offering an abundance of shade, there’s very little need to turn on the air conditioning. Just one more way to enjoy a smaller environmental footprint with the added bonus of beauty and style.

Solar Power and Smart Technology Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Non-renewable resources are not only expensive, but they are a major contributor to environmental pollution. From alternative energy sources and high-efficiency Energy Star appliances to water usage and advanced irrigation systems, The Strand uses natural resources responsibly and helps to preserve them for future generations.

We are partnering with Renu Energy TCI, a local leader in solar home integration, to offer solar packages on all of our villas and residences. These systems will include Tesla Powerwalls and Canadian Solar panels. The Powerwalls (with options from one to as many as five throughout a single home) will not only run your home at night, but they will also act as backup power in case of a power grid outage. Our solar packages will also allow you to charge your electric vehicles and even integrate them into the overall power system.

In addition to solar power and LED lighting throughout, smart home technology is available with Leviton Decora smart switches and outlets. Enjoy smart security systems, remote and pre-set lighting, drapery and appliance control, and smart thermostats for energy-saving temperature control, all of which are ideal for anyone who splits their time among multiple residences. Each home-automation system can be programmed remotely so you won’t be wasting energy when you aren’t there. You can control your drapes and thermostat from wherever you are in the world!

Meanwhile, you can heat your pool with a solar powered Hybrid heat pump and enjoy tankless “on-demand” instant hot water. And efficient irrigation is taken care of with rainwater catchment cisterns mixed with gray water systems.

Grand Courtyard at The Strand Turks and Caicos

Sustainable Homes Have Lower Operating Costs

Solar energy not only makes sense as an environmentally responsible decision, but with an average 8-year payback it also makes a lot of financial sense for any homeowner.

The power in the Turks and Caicos typically comes from a diesel power plant that costs approximately 43 cents per kwh. With The Strand’s solar package, our costs will be about 13 cents per kwh. The system would account for 70-80% of your energy use, with the remaining percentage coming from the traditional power grid as backup.

To our knowledge, The Strand would be the first ultra-luxury community with this level of sustainability in the Caribbean, which should also lead to increased property values for homeowners.

When you combine natural materials, an eco-friendly design and solar energy, the savings begin to add up. These environmentally friendly choices also increase the efficiency of your home, which will save you considerable costs in maintenance and upkeep in the long run.

Eco-friendly Landscaping Protects Local Plants and Wildlife

One of the most unique things about Turks and Caicos is native plant life that grows here. All of the spaces at The Strand are thoughtfully integrated with the natural environment, and that includes our landscaping.

Local flora like seagrape, silver palms, agave and bromeliads don’t need much irrigation, even in very dry weather, which helps to keep our water consumption low. When our plants do need a little bit of liquid love, we’ve strategically designed rainwater catchment cisterns and grey water systems to utilize what nature already provides.

In addition to our overall landscaping design, we have recently partnered, the Butterfly Pavilion, the first stand-alone Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited non-profit zoo, to draw up plans for our gardens. This serene spot will be a pollinator sanctuary for butterflies and other wildlife, but it will also include fruit trees where we’ll harvest delicious produce that you can enjoy at our restaurant. Additionally, we are partnering with local fisherman to utilize sustainable “best practices” fishing for all of the delicious seafood we serve in the restaurant.

Sustainable Living Leads to a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Environmentally friendly choices go a long way to contribute positively to your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The use of natural materials means that you’re living in a home free of toxins, chemicals and health hazards that could otherwise expose you to allergens and pollutants. The reduced costs of solar energy and the simplification of smart technology both help to reduce stress. The harmonious design allows you to enjoy nature now while resting easy in the fact that you’re doing everything you can to protect this incredible environment for the future.

Surrounded by the unmatched natural beauty of Turks and Caicos, you’ll have the space to clear your mind and enjoy the fresh air and healing beauty of the Caribbean.

Looking for a sustainable second home?

If you’ve been thinking about a luxury home away from home in the Caribbean – and want to make sure it is sustainable – reach out. The Strand may be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

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