The Proprietary Puppy of Turks & Caicos: The Potcake Dog

The Turks and Caicos Islands have it all—sandy swaths of immaculate shoreline, temperate water perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and its own island dog breed. Loads of adorable puppies. Here’s everything you need to know about Turks and Caicos potcakes, the resident dog breed of the islands.

What are Potcake Dogs?

Potcakes are a dog breed local to the Turks and Caicos Islands. They get their name from the food that islanders used to give them back in the day—the leftover rice or macaroni caked onto the bottom of a cooking pan.

Potcake Dog Characteristics

These domesticated canines have adapted to the Caribbean climate and life on these quiet islands over many generations. They come in all colors and patterns, though they generally have short-hair, long faces, floppy ears, and a friendly personality.

Unfortunately, many potcakes are strays. Left to roam the island unchecked, they risk getting hit by cars or catching diseases. They also pose a threat to wildlife like the Turks and Caicos rock iguana, whose population has faced severe decline over the years because of potcake predation.

two potcake puppies - Turks and Caicos dogs
Photo courtesy Potcake Place

Potcake Dog Rescue

Potcake adoption programs are getting these pups off the street and keeping the island’s natural wildlife safe. Thanks to the rescue efforts of a local non-profit called the Potcake Place, these cute canines have found new homes around the world, in cities across the United States, Canada, the UK, and beyond.

Potcakes for Adoption

Since 2005, Potcake Place has focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out these loving dogs to families in Turks and Caicos and around the world. The non-profit operates a rescue center out of Salt Mills Plaza in Grace Bay, about a 15-minute drive from The Strand.

With the help of foster families around the island, Potcake Place rescues animals and provides them with shelter, food, water, and veterinary care. Potcake dogs and puppies that go to new homes by way of Potcake Place are vaccinated, socialized, and spayed or neutered—if they aren’t already—before joining new families.

A big part of socializing potcake puppies is taking them for walks. This gets them used to humans and other pets. Potcake Place runs a daily walking program whereby visitors to the island can take unadopted puppies out for morning walks on Grace Bay. The program has gotten so popular that there’s usually a lineup for puppies—take it from us that you’ll want to get there early.

Photos courtesy Potcake Place

How to Adopt a Potcake

Potcakes make excellent pets. They are hardy yet loving and loyal animals that thrive in any climate or environment. You don’t have to live on the island to adopt a potcake puppy—in fact, these dogs travel to new homes around the world via frequent courier flights that depart Providenciales monthly.

To adopt a potcake from Potcake Place, you’ll need to start by filling out an adoption form. If the Potcake Place accepts your application, you’ll then get to pick out a dog. The non-profit keeps their social media accounts up to date with photos of new puppies and adult dogs looking for homes.

Photo courtesy Potcake Place

Bring Home a Potcake To The Strand

At The Strand, we’re proud to be one of the few pet-friendly luxury resort communities on Providenciales. We love giving back (and puppies, to boot). Looking to buy into our property located on the island’s waterfront gem, Cooper Jack Bay? Reach out to us today to inquire about available real estate opportunities.

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